Our Partnership with YourCare360, a Caregiving Employee Benefit

Certified Caregiving Consultants and Comfort Care Family Coaches
Partner with YourCare360, a Caregiving Employee Benefit,
to Support Working Family Caregivers

CCCs and CCFCs merge their personal caregiving experience with specialized training
to provide family caregivers with the right solutions at the right time. 

PARK RIDGE, IL, January 25, 2023 –  The Caregiving Years Training Academy, which trains Certified Caregiving Consultants and Comfort Care Family Coaches, is honored to announce its partnership with YourCare360, a caregiving employee benefit serving employers, associations and unions, created by ACSIA Partners. Through its partnerships, Certified Caregiving Consultants (CCCs) and Comfort Care Family Coaches (CCFCs) will coach and support YourCare360 benefit members who worry about, help or care for a family member. 

“We are honored to provide opportunities for our Consultants and Coaches to support family caregivers through our partnership with YourCare360,” said Denise M. Brown, founder of The Caregiving Years Training Academy. “We understand how complicated and complex a caregiving experience can be. Our CCCs and CCFCs completed training to support family caregivers through the six caregiving stages, the 12 caregiving fatigues and the 17 caregiving systems.”

Initially, the CCCs and CCFCs will support 300,000 YourCare360 benefit members. These benefit members can complete The Story Assessment, one of The Academy’s conversational assessments, at no charge with a CCC of their choice. During The Story Assessment, benefit members share a four-minute story of their choice and then engage in a conversational assessment with their CCC to pinpoint their most pressing challenges.

Developed by The Caregiving Years Training Academy, conversational assessments spark insights that help family caregivers take their next step, pinpoint a solution they want to find and make a decision. Typically, an assessment collects data for a system; conversational assessments create possibilities for family caregivers through meaningful discussions. After completing the assessment, benefit members can continue to work with a CCC at a reduced rate through one-on-one or group coaching sessions. 

YourCare360 benefit members also can meet with a CCC or CCFC of their choice to complete additional caregiving plans developed by The Academy, including a Family Emergency Plan, a Daily Recovery Plan and a Respite in Place Plan. In addition, the CCCs offer planning sessions to support benefit members after a family member’s diagnosis. The CCFCs help and support family caregivers after a caree begins palliative care.

“ACSIA Partners is honored to have Certified Caregiving Consultants and Comfort Care Family Coaches as part of our YourCare360 Care Planning and Caregiving Platform.  The opportunity for our clients to now have access to these excellent services will help reduce the physical, financial, and emotional strain associated with family caregiving,” said Denise Gott, CEO of ACSIA Partners.  “The employers, associations, and labor unions we work with are all anxious to bring new benefits to their constituents that complement our caregiving resources. Denise Brown is one of the most knowledgeable professionals in the caregiving industry with more than 30 years of experience.” 

CCCs who will support YourCare360 benefit members include:

    • Brandi Blair, who cared for her mother-in-law and cares for her son and owns her own small business, Brandi Blair Consulting. Brandi helps those who care for an aging parent while raising kids and for family caregivers looking to add self-care strategies into their day.
    • Trudy Madden, who cared for her parents and owns her own small business, Senior Moments Solutions. Trudy supports family caregivers through difficult decisions and helps siblings create plans to care for their parents.
    • Carolyn McGinn, who cared for her mother and owns her own small business, Grandma Has Dementia. Carolyn provides consulting services for those caring for a family member with dementia and those who would like support for stress management.
    • Kathy Murri, who cared for her mom and a friend and owns her own small business, Care Grieve Heal. Kathy specializes in supporting family caregivers and former family caregivers through loss and grief. 
    • Beth Suereth, who cared for her father and owns her own small business, Caregiving Pathways. Beth helps family caregivers manage their caree’s hospitalization and provides support for stress management and end-of-life care.

YourCare360 benefit members will have access to CaringOurWay.com, The Academy’s community that houses courses that support members during and after their personal caregiving experiences. Courses include The Encyclopedia of Family Caregiving which features self assessments, training and resources. Benefit members will enjoy reduced rates on workplace training programs, including:

    • Family Emergency Planning for a Team
    • Building Workplace Resilience
    • Workplace Resilience Facilitator training and 
    • The Manager’s Toolbox for Managing a Complex Workplace.

The CCCs and CCFCs also will be the first point of contact for YourCare360 benefit members managing a caregiving crisis. Benefit members can reach out when they need referrals and support.

The Academy joins YourCare360’s Preferred Partner network that includes:

    • Amada Senior Care
    • Paragon Real Estate
    • Uniper-Care
    • Premier Solutions International (LegalShield)
    • ACSIA Partners LLC
    • My Financial Coach


Company Information

About ACSIA Partners

ACSIA Partners LLC, one of the largest distributors of long-term care and related insurance products and services in the country, is dedicated to offering quality long term care education, services, and resources for the benefit of the consumer, employers and associations and unions. Understanding the financial and emotional stress that caregiving can place on a family, ACSIA Partners created YourCare360, which aggregates industry leaders for every stage in the continuum of care, from aging in place to end of life planning. Working with a professional who can provide solutions for care planning and caregiving is the key. Long term care may be the single biggest financial risk that most Americans face; it could be the one thing that could force you to spend your retirement savings. ACSIA Partners specializes in analyzing and individuals needs to help select the best plan for that individual.  

About The Caregiving Years Training Academy

The Caregiving Years Training Academy develops leadership and professional development programs to support family caregivers and former family caregivers. We transform the personal caregiving experience to create opportunities and possibilities for family caregivers and former family caregivers. Programs include the Comfort Care Family Coach as well Certified Caregiving Advocate, Consultant Educator, Facilitator and Specialist training programs. More than 300 individuals from seven different countries have enrolled in her training programs. Denise M. Brown launched The Academy in 2020 after selling an online caregiving community she launched in 1996. Denise, who currently helps her father and cared for her mother, is the author of 12 books that support individuals during and after their personal caregiving experience. Since 1999, she has presented more than 250 workshops in the workplace.

Denise M. Brown for The Caregiving Years Training Academy