When the Medical Equipment Isn’t Equipped

“Fifty-eight percent of caregivers surveyed said receiving unreliable or poor-quality medical equipment and supplies has negatively impacted either their lives or the lives of their patients.”

I read this stat in an article, Caregivers, Patients Trade Blame for Equipment Delays, Study Finds, a few days after my dad fractured his pelvis. I thought of it again when we received the hospital bed covered by Medicare and ordered when he was discharged from the hospital back to his apartment in independent living.

He received a hospital bed that reminded me of the desks we had in the Catholic grammar school I attended in the 1970s.

Yes, it looked that old.

We used a crank to lower and raise the entire bed. We did have a remote to adjust the head and feet.

When we started hospice services for my dad on Tuesday, we could get a new hospital bed which he started using yesterday morning.

In his old bed, he was anxious, uncomfortable, irritable.

In his new bed, he’s sleeping better, resting comfortably and calmer.

It’s just heartbreaking when a caree has to use equipment that is truly unusable.

I’m curious: What experiences have you had with unacceptable equipment and supplies for your caree?

(Image by Myléne from Pixabay.)

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