We offer a variety of events and services that support you during and after your caregiving experience.

Ask a CCC: A caregiving experience will create lots of questions. Our Certified Caregiving Consultants share answers, resources and support. Post questions in our Your Caregiving Department in our community, Caring Our Way.

Assessments: Our assessments help you find what you need during and after your caregiving experience.

Beginning Again Course: Our six-class course helps you reflect, receive and recover after a family member’s death.

Caregiving Surveys: Please tell us about your stress, compassion fatigue and financial impact of caregiving.

Certified Caregiving Consultants™: Our consultants help you create strategies, make decisions, and find coping strategies.

Daily Healing Plan: The free eBook helps you find healing after a loss by taking care of your grief. The plan features a three-step process that helps you name the pain, the healing strategy and the healing outcome.

Family Support Team: We help you manage a family member’s discharge from a hospital or facility.

Get Our Newsletters: Our newsletters profile caregiving days, pose caring questions, help you set weekly intentions, offer resources for libraries and reflect on the caregiving experience.

Legacy Listening: After a caree dies, you have many stories to tell. You have stories about your caree’s last months and weeks and days. You have stories about what those last months and weeks and days were like for you. You also have stories about your caree’s life as well as stories about your life during your caregiving experience. We want to help preserve those stories and memories by listening with empathy, compassion and curiosity.

Listen to Our Podcasts: We interview caregiving authors, entrepreneurs and our conference presenters. (Be a guest on one of our podcasts.)

Pilot Programs: We want to better understand how to support and empower you. Our pilot programs give us insights into what you need.

Planning Sessions: We offer free monthly planning sessions to help you create plans for your worries, strategies to receive a break and options for hiring a family member. Learn more:

  • A Plan for You After a Family Member’s Diagnosis: How do you manage after a family member’s diagnosis? Join us on the first Tuesday at 1 p.m. ET to talk it out, figure it out and plan it out.
  • Caregiving Recovery Plan: After an intense period, like a hospitalization or decline, you and your caree deserve a Caregiving Recovery Plan. Join us on third Tuesday at 1 p.m. ET to create plans to recover.
  • Family Emergency Planning: Connect with a Certified Caregiving Consultant to create your plans for the “What ifs?”.
  • Get Paid for Giving Care: The direct care workforce shortage means families may not be able to hire outside help. We help you create plans to hire a family member.
  • Respite In Place Planning: When you can’t leave, we’ll help you get a break right where you are. We’ll help you put a Respite In Place plan so you can create a space to call your own in your home, your yard and your community.

Six Caregiving Stages: The stages become your guide to navigating the challenges you encounter during your caregiving experience.