We offer a variety of events and services that support you during and after your caregiving experience.

Beginning Again CourseBeginning Again Course: Our s-class course helps you reflect, receive and recover after a family member’s death.

Certified Caregiving Consultants™: Our consultants help you create strategies, make decisions, and find coping strategies.

Family Emergency Planning: Connect with a Certified Caregiving Consultant to create your plans for the “What ifs?”.

Family Support Team: We help you manage a family member’s discharge from a hospital or facility.

Legacy Listening: After a caree dies, you have many stories to tell. You have stories about your caree’s last months and weeks and days. You have stories about what those last months and weeks and days were like for you. You also have stories about your caree’s life as well as stories about your life during your caregiving experience. We want to help preserve those stories and memories by listening with empathy, compassion and curiosity.