Enjoy Better Days; Release the Stress That Anchors

You deserve better days. We’d love to make that possible by helping you to release the stress that feels like an anchor.

Through our Better Days Pilot, you’ll receive two free 30-minute sessions with a Certified Caregiving Consultant of your choice.

First Session: Share a Story to Release Stress

During your first session, you will share a four-minute story about a caregiving situation, moment, challenge or triumph. It’s your story so you can get to choose what you’d like to tell us. You can use notes or a script or just speak from the heart. For inspiration, you can use our “My Life (Right Now) Wheel.”

After sharing your story, you and the consultant will engage in a conversation about the story. Our consultants have learned a process to listen and understand; we’d love for you to let us know how well our process works.

My Life Right Now

Second Session: Assess Your Current Situation to Release Stress

During your second session, you will share an overview of your current situation with your consultant, using our Overview Wheel, below, to inspire your conversation. With this assessment, you’ll gain insights into what you need and want. Your consultant will ask you questions and guide your through as many categories on the wheel as time allows.

Share Feedback for Us

When you enroll in our program, you’ll complete a one-minute survey. After completing the second session, you’ll fill out a second survey. These surveys will help us measure the effectiveness of our support. We really want to know, How well did we do? Your feedback is very important to us.

Join Us

To join our project, choose a Certified Caregiving Consultant and then schedule your first session through the calendar link in his or her profile. After scheduling your session, you’ll receive email confirmations from your consultant with a link to join your meeting on Zoom. If you’d like, the consultant can record the sessions. The recording is only for your reference; we do not view or use the recordings for any purposes. Once you receive your recording, we delete.

If you enjoy working with the consultant, you can receive more information from the consultant about continuing to work together after the session. Our consultants have their own business working with family caregivers and former family caregivers. If you prefer not to continue working together, simply decline the consultant’s offer.

Participants in previous projects share their experiences:

“Talking to someone helps to validate the steps needed, validate my experience and feels supportive in what to do next.”

“I felt validated in my journey. I had a clear idea of next steps to help me move forward with respite options. I felt heard without being told what to do.”

Meet our Certified Caregiving Consultants, chose the consultant which best meets your needs and then schedule your first session. You’ll complete a survey prior to your first session and then after completing your second session.

Get Started

Choose a Certified Caregiving Consultant and then schedule your first session through the calendar link in his or her profile.

Thank you so much for participating!

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