Sharing Store

When you care for a family member, having the right equipment and supplies is critical. We believe your training must include access to the equipment and supplies you need.

We also know that when a caregiving situation changes or ends, family caregivers often have supplies, equipment and devices that they can’t use. Some products can be donated to local churches and social service agencies. Unfortunately, some just get tossed or stored away.

In our Sharing Store, you can list those supplies, equipment and devices so that other family caregivers can receive them for free.

Give your equipment, supplies or books to another who could use them. When you place an ad, please provide as much detail as possible to ensure what you have is what another needs. While we hope you will donate the item to a recipient, we understand you may have to charge for shipping.

Get equipment, supplies or books from another who would like to donate them to you. When you reply to an ad, please take all precautions necessary to ensure you receive what you need safely. While you might receive a free item, be open to paying for shipping.

Important Note About Giving and Getting Equipment and Supplies

Please sterilize any equipment and supplies before posting a Sharing Store ad. The CDC offers guides on how to clean and disinfect a home. Even if your caree did not have COVID-19, you’ll provide peace of mind to the next recipient of your equipment and supplies when you disinfect.

If you are receiving equipment or supplies, please also clean and disinfect the equipment and supplies before bringing them into your home. This video about sanitizing groceries may be helpful. In addition, New York City offers guidance on cleaning and disinfecting.