Beginning Again Retreat Contest: Win a Free Registration

We’re so looking forward to connecting during our special event, Beginning Again Retreat, which takes place August 3 through 7. Through our Retreat, we’ll support those adjusting after a family member’s death.

We understand that money may be tight so we’re offering scholarships (free registration) to ensure anyone who would like to join us can. You are welcome to join us if a family member recently died, died within the past year or has died a few years ago. You also may want to join us if you care for a family member and worry about your own future after that family member’s death. Our goal is to help you heal and we understand healing has its own timetable.

To be considered for a scholarship, please share in our comments section your answers to these questions:

  1. What’s been the toughest challenge for you as you adjust to life after a family member’s death? If you currently care for a family member, what’s your greatest worry about managing after that family member’s death?
  2. What solution would be most helpful to you? A solution can be a job, a service, a program, an opportunity. A solution is anything that would make your days easier.

Deadline to submit a comment to be considered for a scholarship is August 1. We’ll send you an email on August 2 to let you know we can offer you a scholarship. We look forward to reading your comments!

Learn more about our Beginning Again Retreat.

1 thought on “Beginning Again Retreat Contest: Win a Free Registration”

  1. 1. My father passed on May last year. My mother took care of him to his last breath and I felt we did not do a very good job of supporting her as she gave primary care to him. Now that he has passed on I feel I would like to support her better and that has been my biggest challenge.
    2. A program to help more than just my mother but many other people in Kenya grow.

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