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Become a Caregiving Training Program Affiliate!

When you join us as an Affiliate, you earn 10% commission when a colleague or friend enrolls in one of our training programs. You can promote our programs in your newsletter, on your website and to your social media followers. We’ll provide you with the content, creatives and coupons to help you spread the word.

Pricing for our caregiving training programs begins at $29.95 which means you have both affordable options and higher-priced programs for those who want to start a business. We regularly update our training program material to ensure we provide relevant, innovative programs. Our evidence-based training programs receive rave reviews from program participants:

  • What impresses me the most (among many things) about Denise is her consistent efforts to give  CCCs opportunities and to help them thrive. That is rare in the world of ‘coach training’.
  • It’s an honor to be part of such a wonderful, caring and inspiring group!
  • I’ve enjoyed being part of this community so much that renewing was never a question! So happy to continue our journey and our work together!!

After joining our Affiliate program, you’ll also receive a coupon to save 10% on our training programs. In addition, you enjoy special Affiliate pricing (just $19.95) on our Certified Caregiving Advocate training. Use your coupon code to save another 10%.

You also can join our Caregiving Ambassador on Caring Our Way, our community on Mighty Networks, to earn credits toward our training programs when you refer members to our community.

It’s free to become an Affiliate! Complete our form, below, to complete your account. You’ll then be directed to the Affiliate section that includes details on how to get paid and images you can use to promote our courses on social media.