Become a Professional Listening Artist


As a Professional Listening Artist, you offer an innovative, significant and supportive service. 

You create the space for clients to release and vent as they receive your gift of listening.

Professional Listening Artists provide a very specific yet valuable supportive service: Listening.

An appropriate client will be an individual who benefits from sharing and venting after a difficult day, during a stressful experience or as part of an ongoing self-care routine. A client may want to vent privately and confidentially about a family member, manager or situation.

Professional Listening Artists provide an opportunity for a client to express a worry, doubt or fear so they can return to their day feeling supported and empowered.

Most important, our Professional Listening Artists offer an affordable option for individuals who want immediate relief after a terrible day, a difficult conversation or a trying situation.

Genesis of a New Professional Service

The genesis of this training sprang from a program Denise developed and held in 2023 called the Caregiving Listener Project. We trained volunteers to hold a Listening Session with a family caregiver. One family caregiver who participated called her Listening Session “exquisite.”

The initial data from our Feb. 16 Caregiving Listener Project lets us know we’re on the right track.

Our Story-Tellers:

  • found it helpful to share their story
  • felt understood
  • found the session worthwhile
  • enjoyed their time with their Listening Artist
  • would recommend this event to family caregivers

This project helped Denise understand the gifted listeners among us provide an invaluable service. Our 24-hour training program transforms that skill into a service that makes a difference.

The Right Fit

You are right for our Professional Listening Artist training program because:

  • You listen with compassionate curiosity
  • You listen deeply without inserting your story into the Story-Teller's experience
  • You feel comfortable sitting with another who expresses frustration, overwhelm or heartache
  • You understand that listening is the solution so release the temptation to jump into to fix.

Your career is right for this program because:

  • You want a side gig that adds meaning to your day
  • You recently retired and would like to start a small business that gives you flexibility
  • You are a family caregiver who believes in the power of listening and would like to earn extra money while setting your own hours
  • You are a direct care worker and would like to start a small business to use your skills in a new way
  • You would like to add a new service to an existing business you have
  • You are ready to focus on impactful work.

More than 33 Years of Listening

Denise M. Brown understood the power of listening when she first connected with family caregivers in 1990. When she received their story with a curious compassion, she saw the relief family caregivers experienced.

Denise began teaching others how to listen well when she launched the Certified Caregiving Consultant training program in 2015.

Your Investment

The cost of this training is $497.

We believe in the solutions that Professional Listening Artists offer and want to train as many as possible. Everyone needs a Professional Listening Artist.

Continue reading about our program and then enroll via the widget at the bottom of the page.

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Bundle and Save

Add our Certified Caregiving Guide program and pay only $597!

With our Guide training, you can deliver The Caregiving Years, Navigating the Caregiving Stages and Systems, our evidence-based proprietary workshop. You learn how to deliver this presentation in person in your community or online as a one-hour, two-hour and three-hour program. With this workshop, you have an opportunity to educate family caregivers while offering your services as a Professional Listening Artist.

You'll also receive our Certified Caregiving Advocate training at no charge.

Enroll in our Listening Artist and Guide courses.

Our Vision

We want our Professional Listening Artists to become resources for those who feel the burden of difficult days and want a convenient solution that helps them feel better.

Our vision includes:

  • Employees use their Flexible Savings Account to pay for their sessions with a Professional Listening Artist.
  • Employee Assistance Programs refer employees to Professional Listening Artists and reimburse Professional Listening Artists for offering a limited amount of sessions at no cost to employees.
  • Individuals who need the support of a good listener between therapy sessions have it.
  • Individuals who feel the weight of too many worries can release that stress to a caring listener.
  • Individuals who live in areas without options for emotional support can connect with a good listener.

We believe listening is both a skill and a solution.

We believe Professional Listening Artists offer a convenient, affordable and effective service.

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Professional Listening Artist Training Program Details

The Professional Listening Artist training program includes:

  • 9 hours of Caregiving Master Classes
    • You'll be prepared to hear what your Story Teller shares
  • 1 hour of foundational training (on demand)
    • Gain insights to help you become a better listener
  • 3 hours of Listener Skills Training (on demand)
    • Three Communication Skills: Asking, Listening and Validating
    • Structuring a Listening Session
      • Offering Sessions Specific to Situations, Experiences and Challenges
    • Managing Common Challenges
    • Tools for Self-Care for Clients and Listening Artists
  • 2 hours of live training
    • Skills Practice
    • Listening Session Practice
  • Marketing Support (on demand)
    • Creating an Effective Complimentary Session
    • Effective Messages About Your Services
  • Practice Sessions
    • Participants must hold 16, 30-minute practice sessions
    • Participants must submit evaluations for each practice session
    • You receive instructions on how to hold these practice sessions during our live training.
  • A private group for and monthly meetings with fellow Professional Listening Artists to connect, share and support.
  • A free listing in our Solutions Marketplace on

After enrolling, you'll receive immediate access to your Caregiving Master Classes, Foundational classes and Listening Skills training.

Live Training

After completing the Caregiving Master Classes, Foundational training and Listener Skills training, you'll join Denise for two hours of live, virtual training.

Our live, two-hour, virtual training happens on the first Wednesday at Noon ET in April, May, June, October and November.

You can access our course through our website and through our community, Caring Our Way. You'll schedule your live training dates through Caring Our Way. (Your course includes instructions on how to join Caring Our Way and schedule your live training.)

Caregiving Master Classes

Our Caregiving Master Classes equip you with the insights and information you need to receive the experiences your Story-Teller shares with caring calm. You receive immediate access to the following Caregiving Master Classes:

The Caregiving Fatigues

You’ll identify which fatigue family caregivers may be experiencing and learn how you can help them feel better.

The 17 Caregiving Systems

Learn about the 17 systems and how family caregivers often navigate multiple systems at once.

The Family Caregiver's House of Cards

We’ll talk about ways you can support family caregivers so they can receive help and support without jeopardizing their house of cards.

The Six Caregiving Stages

Denise walks you through the concept so you understand the details and nuances of each stage.

Resilience During Caregiving

We take a closer look at what drains us during our caregiving experience and discuss ways to find and keep our energy.

Grieving After Caregiving

We’ll offer ideas on how you can support grieving former family caregivers as they begin again.

Live Training

After completing your Master Classes, Foundations classes and Skills classes, you'll join Denise for two hours of live, virtual training. You can choose when you join the virtual training, which we hold on the first Wednesday at Noon ET in April, May, June, October and November.

Live Training Agenda

  • Skills Practice
  • Listening Session Practice

Earn 24 CEUs

We've been approved to provide 24 continuing education hours for the list of professionals, below. Continuing education hours are provided by the Continuing Education Institute of Illinois.

We also are approved to provide CEUs for health care professionals throughout the United States. You can check the map created by our CEU provider, Continuing Education Institute of Illinois, to see if we can provide CEUs for your profession in your state. (Scroll down the page to see the map.) Don't see your profession on the map? Send Denise an email and she'll check with our CEU provider about offering CEUs to you.

  • Certified Dementia Practitioner®
    We can provide 24 continuing education credit for Certified Dementia Practitioners®​ in all 50 states.
  • Certified Senior Advisor®
    We can provide 24 continuing education credit for Certified Senior Advisors®​ in all 50 states.
  • Nurses
    We can provide 24 continuing education credit for nurses​ in all 50 states.
  • Professional Coaches
    Professional coaches can earn 24 hours for resource development in all 50 states.

We can provide CEUs for the following Illinois professions:

  • Counselor-Professional/Clinical
  • Dental Hygienist
  • Dietitian/Nutritionist
  • Marriage and Family Counselor
  • Nursing Home Administrator
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Physician
  • Psychologist
  • Physical Therapist
  • Respiratory Therapist
  • Social Worker

We also can provide CEUs for social workers in Indiana, Iowa and Wisconsin.

Certification Requirements

You become a Professional Listening Artist when you:

  • Complete the archived training
  • Join two hours of live training
  • Pass an exam
  • Deliver 16 Listening Sessions.

We have learned that students who quickly complete their certification requirements do best after finishing our program. We now require that students complete their certification requirements within 90 days of their live training date. You have 90 days from that live training date to complete your certification requirements.

Students completing their requirements 91 days or after will incur a $200 penalty in order to become certified. For example, let’s say you enroll in and pay for our CCG training on May 1. You choose to take a live training on October 9. You have 90 days from October 9 to complete the certification requirements.


You renew your certification every two years. You renew when you:

  • Deliver at least 15 Listening Sessions within a two-year time frame
  • Complete our exam
  • Pay your renewal fee of $100.

Enroll to Give the Comfort of Listening

The value of this training is $997.

The cost is $497.

We believe in the solutions that Professional Listening Artists offer and want to train as many as possible. Everyone needs a Professional Listening Artist.

Enroll today to enjoy the greatest savings. You can join the live training based on your availability.

After attending your two hours of live training, you have 90 days to complete your certification requirements. For instance, if you enroll on April 17, complete the live training in May, then you'll want to complete your certification requirements by August. You incur a $100 penalty fee if you complete your certification requirements 91 days or beyond after attending your two hours of live training.

Enroll via the widget, below.

After submitting your payment, please wait while the website automatically directs you to your course material. Once directed to your course material, you can then click through to your material and schedule your live virtual training. Please also check your email, including your Spam folder, for messages from us.

Become a Professional Listening Artist

Offer an innovative, affordable supportive service to clients.

Professional Listening Artist and Certified Caregiving Guide

Offer the innovate and affordable solution to support clients. You also can deliver the workshop that helps family caregivers find their way.