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We’re launching three podcasts; we’d love for you to join Denise to share your experiences and stories. Our shows include:

Healing Conversations
Our podcast focuses on the conversations that can change our relationships, our perspectives, ourselves. When has a healing conversation impacted you? Join Denise to share about the healing conversations in your life.

A Heart for Business: Caring for the Cash Flow, the Customers and the Cause
Our podcast for business owners includes conversations about our worries and our successes. Upcoming shows will tackle these topics:

  • What’s the right risk for our business? Risks help us grow the revenue but how do we determine the risk we can tolerate?
  • How we achieve success without sacrificing ourselves? Our passion for our work can consume our life. How do we keep our relationships, good health and ourselves?
  • How do we approach the fork in the road when we have to consider whether to pivot or too close?

Join Denise to talk about your heart for your business.

The Process Podcast: Moving from Here to There
We’re all in a process — starting, transitioning, changing, rebounding, recovering, forgiving, releasing, letting go. What’s your process? Where are you now and where do you want to be? Connect with Denise to process your process.

If you’re interested in joining Denise, please complete our form below with your details. Denise will be in touch with details on scheduling your segment.

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