Create Your Team’s Family Emergency Plan

Planning Wheel

2020 taught us that we all need a plan for an emergency. We never know what could happen that could impact the workplace, our families or both.

We believe every employee and every team needs an emergency plan. During our one-hour virtual meeting, we’ll connect with your team to start the planning process. After the team meeting, individual team members can schedule sessions to create the plans for their personal and family situations.

With a team planning session, you get:

  • Facilitated conversation to help talk through plans in case of emergencies
  • Prompts to help you consider the possibilities
  • Spreadsheets and planning guide to help put plans in place. (Check out our general Family Emergency Plan.)

Denise M. Brown will lead your team planning sessions. With Denise, you get:

  • A 30-minute virtual meeting with your team lead to personalize your team’s planning session
  • A 60-minute virtual meeting with your team to create plans
  • A facilitator with 20-plus years experience leading workplace workshops and meetings.

The cost for the planning session package depends on the size of your team and your team’s unique needs. In addition, Denise can schedule one-on-one sessions with each team member for an additional per-session cost. Learn more about Denise.

Planning sessions will be helpful for your team if:

  • Team members care for family members with a chronic illness or disability
  • Team member are raising kids
  • Team members rely on each other to complete projects and meet deadlines
  • The business relies your team members to:
      • create and produce products or deliver services
      • support your customers, products and each other
      • provide back-end support for your business
      • generate revenue.

Not sure you need Family Emergency Plans? Take our quick Emergency Management assessment to see to gauge how well you and your team would do in case of an emergency.

To connect with Denise to schedule your team’s planning session or to learn more, schedule a phone call with Denise. You also can call her at 773-343-6341 or send her an email.

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