Our CCCs in the News

Our Certified Caregiving Consultants™ make a difference to their clients and to our communities. You can read about their insights and experiences in the following articles:

Denise Brown

Learn more Denise’s work.

Barbara Corley

Connect with Barbara.

Patrick Egan

  • Time Counts Campaign from Embracing Carers: Videos

Connect with Patrick.

Rachelle Flowers and Sherri McCormick-Smith

Toni Gitles

  • CBS News Radio: Dementia Dining Out
  • NBC Orlando: Dementia Friendly Dining You’ll see Toni at the beginning of the segment toasting with her co-organizer, Dennis, who worked with her to make this wonderful program happen.

To learn more about Toni’s work, visit her website, Heart Light Enterprises.

Debra Hallisey

Learn more about Debra and her work on her website, Advocate for Mom and Dad.

Rachel Hiles

Learn more about Rachel’s work on her website, www.takingcareofgrandma.com.

JJ Elliott Hill

Patti LaFleur

Elizabeth Miller

Learn more about Elizabeth’s work on her website, Happy Healthy Caregiver.

Sarahbeth Persiani

Kristen Roden

Jessica Sima

Priya Soni

  • Time Counts Campaign from Embracing Carers: Videos

Learn more about Priya’s work on her website, www.priyasoni.net.

Kimberly Street

Beth Suereth

Robin Weeks

Theresa Wilbanks

Connect with Theresa via her website, www.sustainablecaregiving.com.