Meet Our Certified Caregiving Consultants

More than 200 individuals have enrolled in our Certified Caregiving Consultant™ training. Those who have completed the requirements to be certified are listed here. As CCCs, these individuals agree to uphold our professional standards, which include our Pledges, our Goals and our Beliefs. Our CCCs are available for hire to help you manage your caregiving and after-caregiving situations. A CCC can help you with decisions, strategies and coping skills. You can use a CCC as a sounding board, as a resource for referrals and for ongoing support. Please feel free to contact the CCCs to learn more.

We also can match you with a Certified Caregiving Consultant.

We have CCCs throughout the United States and Canada. In addition, we have a CCC in Qatar in the Middle East, Trinidad and New Zealand. Our CCCs can work with clients who live anywhere because we connect over the photo or virtually through video conferencing services like Zoom. We also understand that sometimes you'd like to connect with a CCC in your community. Scroll down to check the locations of our CCCs.

Please check back as we update this page regularly.

(Please also meet our Certified Caregiving Educators™.)

CCCs in Canada

CCCs in the United States

CCC in Qatar

CCC in Trinidad

CCC in New Zealand

Want to join us? We want to have CCCs in every community, every workplace, every house of worship. Learn how to become a Certified Caregiving Consultant.