Master Classes for Professionals Serving Family Caregivers

Our Master Classes offer insights into the personal caregiving experience and share strategies to cope with worries and stress during uncertain times. If you would like a taste of our work, take our Master Classes.

Do you currently care for a family member? Are you recovery after providing care for a family member? Check out our Master Classes for Family Caregivers.

Our Master Classes are perfect for family caregivers, former family caregivers, financial planners, elderlaw attorneys, trust officers, church staff, senior care providers, case managers and anyone who serves or supports family caregivers.

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Caregiving Master Class Bundle

With our Master Class Bundle, you get four of our Master Classes at a discounted price. Our Bundle includes The 17 Caregiving Systems, our newest course, plus The Six Caregiving Stages, The Caregiving Fatigues and The Family Caregiver's House of Cards. We've picked the four classes which give you the overview and insights of a personal caregiving experience you want. You'll also save when you enroll in our bundle with a reduced rate of $179.

When you complete our four classes, you'll receive a $500 discount on any of our caregiving coach training programs. (To receive the coupon code, simply complete our course evaluation.)

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The Caregiving Fatigues

Caring for a family member is an exhausting, overwhelming experience. We often equate a caregiving experience with compassion fatigue. Certainly, family caregivers get tired of feeling compassion for themselves and their carees. During this live one-hour presentation and discussion, you’ll identify which fatigue family caregivers may be experiencing and learn how you can help them feel better.

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Resilience During Caregiving

Resilience is energy; we need to take care of that energy in order to bounce back from our challenging circumstances. During a personal caregiving experience, we may not have that kind of energy because the demands of our day exhaust us. In this interactive one-hour class, we take a closer look at what drains us during our caregiving experience and discuss ways to find and keep our energy.

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Grieving After Caregiving

When caregiving ends, family caregivers must close out a caregiving experience while rebuilding their lives. They do all this while grieving. Their grief can include missing their caree while mourning the loss of their caregiving role. In this class, we’ll offer ideas on how you can support grieving former family caregivers as they begin again.

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Create Your Daily Healing Plan

Learn a process that promotes healing through a loss and then the secondary losses. The daily healing plan helps you name the loss you’re feeling right now, connect to a strategy that can soothe and then move into feeling better. We’ll offer examples of how this daily healing plan can be implemented.

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The Six Caregiving Stages

Chances are, your clients, customers, employees and worshippers currently care for a parent, spouse, child, grandparent or sibling with a chronic illness or disability. A caregiving experience is a unique one because of its challenging situations, difficult emotions and heartbreaking impact. With our class, you’ll better understand those individuals you encounter at work and in the community. With greater insights, you’ll feel better about your interactions and conversations with family caregivers.

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Master Caregiving Facilitator

The Master Caregiving Facilitator™ training combines our Caregiving and Grief Facilitator training programs with two Caregiving Master Classes: The Six Caregiving Stages and The Caregiving Fatigues. After this 20-hour training, you’ll have the knowledge, skills and tools to confidently lead caregiving and grief support groups and meet your members where they are.

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The Family Caregiver's House of Cards

Family caregivers build a fragile house of cards during their caregiving experience. Their house of cards gives them stability, routine and consistency. Their focus is to keep the house standing. Changes, including the good ones like adding help, threaten that delicate house of cards. In this class, we’ll talk about ways you can support family caregivers so they can receive help and support without jeopardizing their house of cards.

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