Master Classes

Our Master Classes offer insights into the personal caregiving experience and share strategies to cope with worries and stress during uncertain times. If you are considering our Certified Caregiving Consultant training and would like a taste of our work, take our Master Classes. In addition, our Master Classes are a requirement for our CCC training so you'll be ready for our next level of training after completing these two courses.

Our master classes are perfect for family caregivers, former family caregivers, financial planners, elderlaw attorneys, trust officers, church staff, senior care providers, case managers and anyone who serves or supports family caregivers.

Through our Master Classes, we are raising money for our Family Caregiver Relief Fund. We offer a suggested price with some products including a minimum price. For planning purposes, check out our calendar of training dates.

The Caregiving Experience

Chances are, your clients, customers, employees and worshippers currently care for a parent, spouse, child, grandparent or sibling with a chronic illness or disability. A caregiving experience is a unique one because of its challenging situations, difficult emotions and heartbreaking impact. With our class, you’ll better understand those individuals you encounter at work and in the community. With greater insights, you’ll feel better about your interactions and conversations with family caregivers.

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The Caregiving Fatigues

Caring for a family member is an exhausting, overwhelming experience. We often equate a caregiving experience with compassion fatigue. Certainly, family caregivers get tired of feeling compassion for themselves and their carees. During this live one-hour presentation and discussion, you’ll identify which fatigue family caregivers may be experiencing and learn how you can help them feel better.


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Master Caregiving Facilitator

The Master Caregiving Facilitator™ training combines our Facilitator training with our two of our Caregiving Master Classes: The Caregiving and The Caregiving Fatigues. After this 10-hour training, you’ll have the knowledge, skills and tools to confidently lead a caregiving support group that will meet virtually or in-person. In addition, you’ll enhance your insights about the personal caregiving experience so that you can meet your support group members where they are.

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Finding Peace

During today’s uncertain times, we’ve had to change how we manage our days. Specifically, we’ve changed our relationships with the world, with our work and with our family. In this 30-minute live workshop, we’ll help you find a perspective which can lead to a strategy so that your relationships remain well. We have peace when we know our relationships are well.

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