Master Classes for Family Caregivers

Our Master Classes for family caregivers offer support during and after your personal caregiving experience.

You also can complete our Certified Caregiving Mentor™ training to offer your support and friendship to fellow family caregivers. Consider this training when you reach the Pragmatic Caregiver stage of your experience.

If you'd like gain greater insights into the caregiving experience, please also consider taking our Caregiving Master Classes for professionals.

Certifed Family Care Manager Training

The Certified Family Care Manager training program empowers you with the skills, techniques and strategies to help you care for a family member. Complete our 12 classes on your own timeline. Enroll in our pilot program to reduce our special pricing of $20.

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Beginning Again After Caregiving Ends

Transitioning intp your life after caregiving ends? Our six-class course will encourage, motivate and inspire you to move into the next phase of your life, bringing with you the best of what you gained during your caregiving experience. At the end of our course, you will feel comforted about your past, feel confident about your future and feel ready to begin your present.

Enroll in our pilot program and receive free access to this course.

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Create Your Daily Healing Plan

Learn a process that promotes healing through a loss and then the secondary losses. The daily healing plan helps you name the loss you’re feeling right now, connect to a strategy that can soothe and then move into feeling better. We’ll offer examples of how this daily healing plan can be implemented.

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You're the CEO: Leadership Training for Family Caregivers

Caregiving happened without your permission, changing your day, your life, your future. The experience also elevated you to the position of CEO — executive of all things caregiving. The problem? You never got a chance to learn how to be the CEO. When you take this six-class course, you’ll take control of your caregiving experience.

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Certified Caregiving Mentor Training

As a Certified Caregiving Mentor™, you volunteer to offer support to family caregivers at your workplace, house of worship or in your community.

You make sure family caregivers know they are not alone.

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Caregiving Master Class Bundle

With our Master Class Bundle, you get four of our Master Classes, at a discounted price. Our Bundle includes The 17 Caregiving Systems, our newest course, plus The Six Caregiving Stages, The Caregiving Fatigues and The Family Caregiver's House of Cards. We've picked the four classes which give you the overview and insights of a personal caregiving experience you want. You'll also save when you enroll in our bundle.

When you complete our four classes, you'll receive a $500 discount on any of our caregiving coach training programs. (To receive the coupon code, simply complete our course evaluation.)