How Do You Navigate The 17 Caregiving Systems?

We’re collecting stories to create awareness of the complexity of a caregiving experience.

Last week, I had a conversation with a group of Certified Caregiving Consultants about The 17 Caregiving Systems. Trudy Madden, one of our CCCs, encouraged us to explore ways to better support family caregivers through the systems. Her nudge led me to take that first step — collecting your stories.

We want to hear about the systems you navigate, about managing multiple systems at once and how it feels to work through so many systems. To learn about your experiences, we’d be grateful to spend about 30 minutes with you to learn how you manage The 17 Caregiving Systems.

We want to connect with anyone who currently cares or previously cared for a family member.

We’ll use the stories and insights you share to both improve our training programs, to increase awareness of the complex caregiving experience and to offer better support and help.

I share more in my video, below.

Schedule time with us to share your experiences navigating The 17 Caregiving Systems..


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