Heal After a Loss with Your Daily Healing Plan

A terrible loss happened to you. 

That’s awful enough. One loss, though, can lead to more. Your parent dies and then your siblings battle you over the money. Your spouse receives a life-altering diagnosis and then you lose your job because you cannot find help to hire so you can focus on work. 

Finding the support to manage the impact of one loss feels hard enough. How can you cope with all the losses that pile on top of the major loss? You feel like loss surrounds and almost suffocates you.

Our free resource, My Daily Healing Plan eBook, helps you find healing after a loss by taking care of your grief. The plan features a three-step process that helps you name the pain, the healing strategy and the healing outcome. Three questions prompt you to reflect to find your answers:

1. What are you healing through?

2. What are you healing with?

3. What are you healing to?

Because each may bring a different hurt, you have a tool that helps you creating healing plans for each pain.

You’ll find this three-step process and prompts to get you started using the process in the free download, My Daily Healing Plan eBook. Denise M. Brown, who began supporting family caregivers in 1990, shares a process she developed to help others heal what hurts. Watch Denise via the video, below, present about the Daily Healing Plan in November 2020 as part of our special event, Healing the Holidays.

Please feel free to join our group Healing Our Way on Caring Our Way, our community on Mighty Networks, to share your plans with us.

Download My Daily Healing Plan eBook.


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