Campaign to Give

We’re working to impact the lives of family caregivers. Our Campaign to Give focuses on giving to those who already give so much — family caregivers.

According to the National Alliance for Caregiving, one in five Americans care for a family member. Our research indicates that family caregivers are stressed; they rate their stress at 4.14 on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the most stressed.

Our recent panel discussion, Impact of Systemic Racism During a Personal Caregiving Experience, inspired us to do more. We want to give:

Culture of inclusion and respect

  • Workplace
    We believe every workplace needs a Chief Caregiving Officer (CCO) who can help teams create back-up plans in case a team member needs to be away to care for a family member. In addition, the CCO manages workplace support programs, supports managers with training, helps employees plan ahead for emergencies and connects employees to resources which can help. The CCO can help employees manage their careers during a caregiving experience so that employees stay productive and employed. We believe the CCO needs to be part of the Operations team rather than the HR team. Our research indicates that working family caregivers avoid conversations with the HR department about their caregiving responsibilities. In addition, the CCO can assemble a diverse team to ensure the company culture respects all individuals, including persons of color, persons with differences in abilities and LGBTQ employees, and offers compassionate solutions to all employees experiencing loss, caregiving and trauma.
  • Houses of worship
    We believe every house of worship needs an initiative to support their congregants who care for a family member. The initiative can include telephone check-ins, virtual support group meetings and referrals to resources which can help. 
  • Health care system
    We believe every family caregiver is an integral member of the health care team and must be present with the caree during critical conversations, decisions and hospitalizations. As important members of the health care team, family caregivers also must be allowed regular visit with carees who live in communities, including skilled nursing facilities.
  • Individuals
    We believe we each can make a difference. Commit to expanding your social network and reading lists to include diverse voices. Decide to engage in a conversation to understand experiences different than yours. Challenge your biases to ensure you surround yourself with the best, which means different cultures and colors. A diverse circle expands your wisdom and creates an abundance of opportunities.


  • We want families, the health care system, communities, houses of worship to help family caregivers with support, resources and programs. We want the help to arrive where the family caregiver is, whether that be in the workplace, in the house of worship, in the restaurant or virtually.


  • Family caregivers often miss opportunities to connect with family members and friends and to advance their careers. We believe every family caregiver deserves a chance to keep their dreams and pursue their goals during their caregiving experience.


  • Family caregivers need time. We believe everyone can give even a little bit of time to the family caregiver in their lives. All that time adds up so that a family caregiver can take a break, whittle down their To Do list and relax for a few moments. 

Join our Campaign to Give by telling us how you’ll make a difference.

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