Give the Gift of Coaching or Training

We so appreciate the opportunity to support your friend, family member or colleague.  You can purchase a gift card in any increment that can be redeemed toward our training programs or one-on-one sessions with a Certified Caregiving Consultant.

The Gift of Coaching
With the gift of time with a Certified Caregiving Consultant, your friend or colleague can receive support and understanding. A CCC has a personal caregiving experience and completed our specialized training.

Our CCCs partner with clients during and after a caregiving experience. A CCC can help with decisions, strategies and coping skills. CCCs are also sounding boards, resources for referrals and steadfast in providing ongoing support. While you can purchase a gift card in any increment, we also know it’s helpful to know what you can buy. A 30-minute session costs $60 and a 60-minute session costs $120.

We’ll reach out immediately after your friend redeems her gift card for time with a CCC. It’s our goal to match your kindness by taking care of your friend or family member as soon as they redeem their card.

The Gift of Training
Give the gift of support for your friend or colleague who cares for a family member. Your friend can use your gift to enroll in our training programs, including our Certified Caregiving Consultant and Certified Family Care Manager programs.