What’s Wearing You Out?

Caring for a family member or friend can be exhausting.

To better support you, we’d like to know more about the compassion fatigue you may experience as you care for a family member or friend. We’d love for you to share your experiences in our six-question Compassion Fatigue Survey.

We so appreciate your sharing about your experiences in our survey. The experiences you share through our surveys helps our training program participants better understand the needs and stresses of family caregivers and former family caregivers. Because you share your realities, our training program participants are better equipped to provide realistic and necessary solutions to improve the caregiving experience.

Take our survey: Tell us about your compassion fatigue.

You can take our compassion fatigue survey as often as you’d like. Please share this page across your social networks — we want as many as possible to take our survey. The more data, the more we can lobby effectively for better help and resources for you.

We’ll share results of our survey as soon as we have enough data so be sure to check CareYearsAcademy.com for regular updates.

Thank you so much for sharing your experiences!