Support During Your Caree’s Hospital Discharge

Hospital discharges can be stressful, frustrating and time-consuming. You navigate through the discharge only to arrive home with your caree and feeling doubtful and worried about your ability to manage care at home.

Our Family Support Team can help.

Our team helps you during the hospitalizations so that you are prepared for any last minute discharge as well as supported once your caree arrives home. Your Family Support Team includes:

  • A Certified Caregiving Consultant who cares or cared for a family member and has completed our extensive training. Our training includes up-to-date information on changes with the hospital system which impacts discharges. The consultant can help you put plans in place and connect you with resources.
  • A Certified Caregiving Specialist who takes on tasks to free up your time. You can delegate tasks to the Specialist like ordering supplies and organizing help.
  • A Personal Care Consultant who has experience with caring for family member as well as providing care in a home care setting. The Personal Care Consultant can walk you through tasks you may have to perform at home and provide support when you worried you can’t do it.

Our Family Support Team also can help during a caree’s discharge from a facility, like a long-term care facility, and from a benefit, like home health through Medicare. When you need to manage a transition from one setting to another, we can help to ensure you have what you need.

Our Family Support Team provides an initial three hours of support for $199. You can schedule additional time with the team or individual members of the team as needed. We suggest scheduling a complementary session with Denise to determine how and when the team can help. You’ll then be able to put your Team into action seamlessly when the time come.

You can learn more about our Family Support Team by watching our video, below. In the video, you’ll meet:




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