Caregiving Master Classes: The Stages and The Fatigues

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Join us for three hours of training to learn more about the progression of a personal caregiving situation as well as the compassion fatigue experienced by individuals who care for a family member.

At the end of the workshops, you’ll have the insights to better understand your clients, customers and employees who care for a family member or friend (family caregivers). You’ll also appreciate your own personal caregiving experience.

After completing our three-hour course and passing your online exams, you’ll receive a Master Class: The Caregiving Experience and Master Class: The Caregiving Fatigues certificates. If you require CEUs, you’ll also receive a CEU certificate.

About Denise, Your Instructor
Denise first developed The Caregiving Years, Six Stages to a Meaningful Journey in 1997. Over the past twenty-three years, Denise has refined the concept to reflect today’s caregiving experience. The concept has informed her work, including her training programs and her presentations. Learn more about Denise.

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