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During five days in August, we gathered to share about our lives after caregiving ends and support each other as we grieve. You can receive the information and support through our archives, which connect you to 20 hours of education and comfort.

Through our retreat, we hope we provide you a break by connecting you to others who understand. We also want our retreat to feel like a chance for you to reflect so you can receive and begin to recover.

“Professionally, (the Retreat) provided a few more tools to keep in mind. Personally, it provided a wealth of knowledge/suggestions for my grief journey and my path into the future.” ~ a Retreat Attendee

You will benefit from our Beginning Again Retreat if a family member recently died, died within the past year or has died a few years ago. You also may want to join us if you care for a family member and worry about your own future after that family member’s death. Our goal is to help you heal and we understand healing has its own timetable.

You can watch our archives on your schedule and your pace. We’ve organized our videos by daily themes:

  • Day 1: Our Home. How do we adjust our home to honor our family member while creating a space for us to grieve and find our way forward?
  • Day 2: Our Work. How do we do our work even as we grieve? How can our work reflect our current values and priorities? How can our career help our advocacy work?
  • Day 3: Our Relationships. How can we find forgiveness and healing in our relationships? How can we take steps to create new relationships?
  • Day 4: Our Loose Ends. How do we stay organized as we settle our family member’s estate and close out details relating to our family member’s life and death?
  • Day 5: Our Selves. How do we take care of our bodies, minds and souls as we consider what could be our next steps in our lives?

Our presenters have cared for a family member and understand the transition that happens after caregiving ends.

Our five-day program has been approved to provide

  • Certified Dementia Practitioners®​ CEUs in all 50 states.
  • SHRM Professional Development Credits (SHRM-CPSM or SHRM-SCPSM) in all 50 states.
  • 20 hours for resource development for professional coaches in all 50 states.

To receive your CEU certificate, please complete our evaluation after watching our Retreat videos.

If you have any problems accessing the videos, please contact Deeann at