Silver Level: Caregiving Consultant, Educator and Facilitator

Our Silver Level training program offers the insights about the caregiving experience and teaches the communication techniques which enhance your connections with family caregivers. We teach you how to be effective when you consult with clients who may be experiencing the worst times of their lives.

Choose the Silver Level if you want to consult with family caregivers through your own business. You’ll also receive help putting together your business and marketing plans and connect with our eight Skills Consultants for additional support during our training.

You’ll also complete training to become a Certified Caregiving Facilitator to lead caregiving support groups and become a Certified Caregiving Educator to deliver our proprietary presentation, The Six Caregiving Stages. (Already serve family caregivers in your non-profit organization, workplace, law firm or financial planning service? Check out our Bronze Level.)

You’ll become a Caregivingologist™, an expert in the study and practice of family caregiving.

If you complete our Community Health Worker training add-on, you'll also become a Community Caregiving Professional. (Scroll down for details.)

If you'd like, you can generated revenue by training our Caregiving Guides, Caregiving Mentors and our Professional Listening Artists.

Values Wheel

Finish Ready to Go

We created a program the combines insightful study with practical experience so that you complete our program with confidence in the skills, tools and resources you offer family caregivers.

When you become certified through our Silver Level, you begin your work with family caregivers ready to go with:

  • The insights about the personal caregiving that sets you apart
  • The understanding of the personal caregiving experience that helps you establish immediate and comforting connections with family caregivers
  • A turn-key presentation, The Six Caregiving Stages, you can deliver at conferences and events
  • Five one-on-one proven planning sessions you are ready to offer because you already practiced them, including during our live training (Denise tests every tool, planning session and conversational assessment with family caregivers to ensure they work.)
  • Conversational assessment to help the family caregivers you serve name their pressing challenges so you can get to work to resolve them
  • Two group coaching programs that you can offer at no charge as marketing programs or that you can offer for a fee
  • More than 40 Caregiving Wheels, like the Values Wheel above, you can effectively use for marketing, coaching and workshops
  • Skills to turn any support group meeting into meaningful conversations
  • Three programs or courses you develop and can sell to health care professionals, family caregivers or former family caregivers
  • Guidance on charging for services
  • The tools to support family caregivers through their difficult days
  • A marketing plan to reach family caregivers
  • Opportunities to present at any of our future events
  • A community of fellow coaches that offers collaborative opportunities and monthly meetings to support and inspire
  • Revenue-generating opportunity by training Certified Caregiving Guides and Professional Listening Artists.

Most important, when you keep your certification current, you have ongoing access to our training material, which Denise updates regularly. Our program grads regularly access their training material to take advantage of what's new and updated. For instance, in 2023, we added new training to help you support family caregivers through the 17 Caregiving Systems. Our CCCs access this new training at no additional cost.

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Family caregivers are searching for help. They want to connect with another who's had a similar experience and who has completed professional training. Meaning, they look for letters after a name. Our CCC, CCE and CCF letters mean an individual has committed to professional development and excellence in service to those who care and cared for a family member.

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Scroll down to learn about the skills, tools and techniques you gain from our training and for a comparison of our training programs to help you choose the program right for you.

Please also reach out to Denise with any questions. You can call her at 773-343-6341 or write to her at

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Talk Out Your Goals with Denise

Please also reach out to Denise with any questions. You can call her at 773-343-6341 or write to her at

The Training

We're committed to delivering the best possible training experience for you. With our Silver Level of training, you receive:


Innovative Insights

You'll receive the market insights that Denise learned from her 30 years of experience working with family caregivers. Denise has interacted with family caregivers almost daily through in-person and virtual support groups. Your training material includes her research on caregiving stress, caregiving compassion fatigue, the financial impact of a caregiving experience. Her commitment to studying the caregiving experience informs Denise's work which means you benefit from an amazing course of study.

Value: $30,000


Effective Skills

You'll learn the communication strategy Denise began using in 2004 to effectively work with overwhelmed and stressed-out family caregivers. With this communication strategy (asking, listening and validating), you'll create a safe space for your client which means you'll be able to offer ideas, suggestions and resources personalized to each client's situation.

We also include a special training on using Linkedin to increase your connections and referrals.

Value: $5,000


Personal Training

You'll receive an intimate, effective classroom experience because we limit the number of students per class. You practice your skills with us so that you feel confident using your skills with your clients. You also get 30- and 60-minute sessions with our 8 CCC Skills Consultants. Our Skills Consultants are Certified Caregiving Consultants who help you practice listening, questioning and validating -- the core skills of our program. We also have consultants who will help you deliver complementary sessions to prospective clients, become a Caregiving Resource Navigator and help you with your networking skills. We also have a Skills Consultant who will help you build relationships to help you grow your business and who will offer insights on how to support family caregivers and former family caregivers in their grief. In addition, we’ve added a Gallup CliftonStrengths Assessment. The assessment and follow-up coaching session with a Skills Consultant is included in the cost of your CCC enrollment.

We also include a special training on using Linkedin to increase your connections and referrals.

Value: $5,000


Hands-on Experience

Regular interactions with family caregivers will be key to your success which is why our training includes requirements you to lead caregiving conversations. You will host your own FB, YouTube, Instagram or TikTok Live and Zoom meeting. You will lead five caregiving consultations, deliver five planning sessions, host two group sessions and create three programs. In addition, you’ll spend three hours attending an in-person, online or virtual support group. These 24 hours comprise the clinical part of our training.

Value: $1,000



You gain the skills to support a client during their worst days, including learning a process you can use to support a client experiencing suicidality. Our CCC Manual includes suggested questions to ask family caregivers and offers referrals you can make to help family caregivers in each stage of the experience. You also will gain insights in the unmet needs and universal emotions of family caregivers in each stage. Join our monthly CCC virtual meetings, a community passionate about its and committed to your success.

Value: $1,000



We are committed to understand today’s caregiving challenges. You’ll receive access to our:

  • 2017 Annual Family Caregiver Survey Results
  • Family Caregiver Stress Survey Results
  • Financial Impact of a Caregiving Experience
  • Compassion Fatigue During a Caregiving Experience
  • 2019 Working Family Caregiver Survey Results.

Use our research, which includes extensive write-in answers from family caregivers, to develop your specialty and demonstrate the need for your services.

In addition, we’ve created two special modules: Cultivating Systemic Inclusion, to help you serve clients who experience systemic racism; and Helping a Client Experiencing Suicidality, to help you use our communication strategy to support your clients.

Value: $5,000



Our program assures your clients of your commitment to being the best resource possible for them. Because you commit to upholding our Pledges, Goals and Beliefs, your clients can trust you with their very personal caregiving challenges. With our program, you'll have the confidence to do your best work. You'll also benefit from our program's reputation for delivering excellence. Our training is evidence based and includes evidence-based concepts, including Denise’s six stages of caregiving.

Value: $1,000



Our thoughtful Tools help your clients pinpoint obstacles, stresses and worries. The simplicity of our Tools means your clients understand where they are and where they want to be, sparking meaningful, stress-releasing conversations. The five planning tools and the 8-question assessment give your clients clarity so they take the right next step. Our group coaching tools create a supportive, enriching community experience for your clients. You do great work quickly, a bonus for time-pressed clients.

Value: $5,000



We want you to be successful. You'll receive guidance so you can create a Simple Caregiving Solution, which becomes your offering to family caregivers. You leave our program with a certification and a ready-to-go product or service you can begin offering to family caregivers. You'll also be listed on The Caregiving Years Training Academy and have your own page. We work with companies in Canada and the U.S. to provide CCC consultations to their app users, community members and website visitors.

Recently, our CCCs participated in various events, including our The Caring Conference: Our Resilience Spirit, Beginning Again Virtual Retreat, Care and Share: Our Big Ideas, Healing the Holidaysand Healing After the Holidays. Because of their participation in our Systemic Racism panel discussion, our Certified Caregiving Consultants shared their experiences in additional panel discussions, including for the National Association of Healthcare Advocacy and USC School of Gerontology. Brandi Blair, Dawnita Brown and Sharon Hall also presented at the 2021 Spring Alzheimer’s Conference co-sponosored by the Alzheimer’s Association Illinois Chapter. Finally, we’ve organized a Coalition of Certified Caregiving Consultants who support our advocacy efforts.

Value: $1,000


Support from Our Virtual Assistant

We include two hours of assistance from Deeann, Denise's Virtual Assistant, to help you:

  • Implement your marketing plan
  • Create your lead generating funnel
  • Set up your payment system
  • Organize your system for scheduling complementary sessions with potential clients

Denise uses Deeann for a variety of help and support; you are in good hands with Deeann.


Community Health Worker Training

Beginning in 2024, Medicare will reimburse series provided by Community Health Workers who work for community-based organizations or Medicare Part B providers. We are working on developing partnerships with Medicare Part B providers in order to be reimbursed for covered services.

We've added additional training that meet the national core competencies for Community Health Workers at no cost to you.

The training includes:

If you complete this additional 53-hour training, you'll earn the additional designation of Community Caregiving Professional.

Value: $5,000

Training Program Pricing

The value of our Silver Level: $59,000

Your investment: $3,00

You can pay in full or in three payments of $1,020.


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$2,000 Renew every two years
  • Become a Certified Caregiving Consultant
  • Charge individuals and organizations for your services
  • Your training material includes our research of family caregivers, caregiving stress and working family caregivers
  • Use our proprietary individual and group coaching tools
  • Create and charge for a course and private group for your clients
  • CliftonStrengths Top 5 assessment and 30-minute coaching call
  • Video tutorials to help you use our tools and planning sessions
  • Monthy calls with fellow graduates to practice and enhance your skills and use of our tools
  • Enrollment in our 9 Master Classes
  • 97 CEUs available for IL health care professionals, nurses in all 50 states, CCM® Board Certified Case Managers, Certified Dementia Practitioners and Certified Senior Advisors
  • 9 module program
  • Community Health Worker training
  • Special module on Cultivating Systemic Inclusion
  • Convenient, virtual training


$3,000 Renew every two years
  • Become a Certified Caregiving Consultant, Educator and Facilitator
  • All the benefits of our Bronze level plus:
  • Bonus Master Class: The Daily Healing Plan
  • Generate revenue by training Certified Caregiving Guides, Mentors and Professional Listening Artists
  • 104 CEUs available for IL health care professionals, nurses in all 50 states, Certified Dementia Practitioners and Certified Senior Advisors
  • Bonus marketing module
  • 30-Minute Sessions with our Skills Consultants, including help with business structure
  • CliftonStrengths Top 34 assessment and one-hour coaching call to tap into your strengths
  • Two one-hour coaching calls with Denise
  • Two hours of support from a Virtual Assistant
  • Training on how to deliver complementary sessions to enroll paid clients
  • 4 module CCE program
  • A proven presentation program you deliver that family caregivers love
  • Four-hour virtual CCF training
  • Special Simple Solution Training
  • Save when you enroll in the three programs at the same time
  • Convenient, virtual training


$5,000 Renew every two years
  • Become a Master Caregiving Consultant, Educator and Facilitator
  • All the benefits of our Silver level plus:
  • Develop and lead your own workshop that’s been approved to provide Continuing Education Units to health care professionals, including nurses in all 50 states
  • 99 CEUs available for IL health care professionals, nurses in all 50 states, Certified Dementia Practitioners and Certified Senior Advisors
  • Five one-hour coaching calls with Denise
  • Time management training
  • Marketing and messaging training
  • Support to help you write your first book
  • Support to help you launch a podcast, YouTube channel, blog and social media accounts
  • Ongoing marketing events on social media to help you connect with prospective clients
  • Pass a more rigorous oral exam which reflects your excellence in consulting and coaching skills
  • Complete 5 additional coaching and 5 additional planning sessions
  • Receive 7 additional Family Caregiver Planning tools.
  • Convenient, virtual training

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