The Right Time Is Now for Caregiving Coaches

The market tells us there’s no better time for caregiving coaches and for you to pursue training to become a Comfort Care Family Coach or Certified Caregiving Consultant.


Family Caregivers Want to Pay for Services

According to recent research from Age of Majority:

  • Eight in 10 (80%) family caregivers are interested in paying for products or services to help them manage
  • Almost nine in 10 (87.9%) cannot identify any companies that stand out in helping them as caregivers.

Family caregivers want a professional who understands the personal caregiving experience and who commits to supporting them.

Consult and Coach Family Caregivers

Every family caregiver needs a Comfort Care Family Coach and/or a Certified Caregiving Consultant, professionals who understand, guide and comfort throughout the caregiving experience. Consider the reality of our current health care system:

Even though the family caregiver is the all-the-time provider for a family member with an illness, disease or disability, our systems still don’t offer ongoing support, training and help for the family caregiver. That’s where you come in.

Like you, we believe the best resource for a family caregiver is another family caregiver. When we connect with another who gets it, we receive the best kind of support — understanding, compassionate and caring.

Because a caregiving experience is a painful one, every family caregivers deserves the company of a professional who understands how to be with someone in pain. When a family caregiver feels understood, healing happens.

We also believe that a personal caregiving experience provides the best kind of foundation for professional transformation.

Learn more about becoming a Comfort Care Family Coach or Certified Caregiving Consultant.

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