You are the Expert Family Caregivers Need

Our training programs equip you with skills, insights and strategies.

Whether you want to start a caregiving support group at your local library, save family caregivers time by taking on their tasks or coach family caregivers through the experience, we have a course that will serve your needs.

Master Classes for Professionals

Gain insights into the experiences of the family caregivers you serve so you can meet them where they are.

Training for Your Staff

We can provide CEU-approved workshops and training for your staff.

Master Classes for Family Caregivers

Gain insights into your experience and learn strategies to cope with worries and stress during uncertain times.


Create an impact that improves and eases the caregiving experience.


Teach family caregivers how to manage through The Stages and The Systems.


Help family caregivers manage the conflicts and disputes that happen during a caregiving experience.

Mentor (New!)

Offer your friendship and support to family caregivers and former family caregivers.

Professional Listening Artist

Offer an innovative, significant and supportive service. You create the space for clients to release and vent as they receive your gift of listening.


Lead meaningful caregiving, grieving and workplace conversations.


Connect family caregivers to programs, resources and services.


Create schedules and take on tasks to help the family caregiver save time.

Coach and Consult

Coach family caregivers through their experience with effective tools, smart strategies and caring plans.


Deliver workshops, including The Six Caregiving Stages, our evidence-based program. You also can train our Guides.

Thank You!

Because you've made a significant difference for your caree, we know you can make a significant difference in your community helping family caregivers.  We're honored you are considering our training programs so that you can be the best resource possible.

Denise M. Brown, founder of The Caregiving Years Training Academy, develops our training programs based on her thirty years of experience with family caregivers. In 1990, Denise began engaging family caregivers and former family caregivers in conversations through one-on-one conversations, support groups meetings, online chats, conferences and virtual meetings. That commitment to listening and understanding the caregiving experience informs the training programs she created.

Find the Right Fit

Want help selecting a program? Take our quick survey to find the right fit for you.

You also can schedule time with Denise to talk out your goals and which program can help you achieve them.

Convenient, Virtual Training

For your convenience, each training program can be completed virtually. In addition, after completely your training program, you remain connected to our community so you receive support as you go out to make your difference.

Our first training programs, the Certified Caregiving Consultant and Educator programs, launched in 2016. In 2018, we added the Certified Caregiving Advocate, Facilitator and Specialist programs. In 2022, we added the Comfort Care Family Coach program. In 2023, we debuted our Certified Caregiving Guide program.

We strive to create training programs that reflect the current reality of caregiving which means we update our training content regularly.

Choose the option, below, which best reflects your situation.

Choose Based on Budget

My Budget is Less Than $650

Check out our budget-friendly options that help you make a difference, lead a support group, guide family caregivers and start a virtual business. Programs begin at $29.

My Budget is More Than $1,000

Options help you add coaching, consulting and educational services to your organization or small business. Use our planning tools and assessments for deep connections with your clients. Programs begin at $1,000.


Choose Based on Knowledge You'd Like to Gain

I'm New to Understanding the Caregiving Experience

Check out our courses that help you gain insights into the caregiving experience.

I'm Ready to Enhance My Knowledge

Check out our programs that help you add caregiving coaching, consulting and educational services to your organization.

We'd love for you to enroll in the program that's right for you. You also can view our calendar of upcoming CCC, CCE, CCF and CCS training dates.

Our Caregiving Training Programs Overviews also can help you choose which program is right for you.

Denise also recorded a discussion your possibilities after caregiving ends. (Learn more about Denise’s perspective by watching our archive, How Will We Care?)

Please feel free to also reach out to Denise to talk out which option is right for you. You can call her at 773-343-6341 or send her an email to

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