You are the Expert Family Caregivers Need


Create an impact that improves the caregiving or after-caregiving experience.


Lead meaningful caregiving, grieving and workplace conversations.


Keep everyone on schedule and organized in order to free up time for the family caregiver.


Coach family caregivers through their experience with tools, strategies and plans.


Bring the Six Caregiving Stages, our evidence based program, to your community.

Because you've made a significant difference for your caree, we know you can make a significant difference in your community helping family caregivers.  We're honored you are considering our training programs so that you can be the best resource possible.

The need is great for services and programs to help those who care for a family member or friend (family caregivers). You already know. That great need led you to us. You want to make a difference. You want to be the difference. Our training programs help you be the difference.

Want help selecting a program? Take our quick survey to find the right fit for you. You also can schedule time with Denise to talk out your goals and which program can help you achieve them.

You are the Expert Family Caregivers Need

Like you, we believe the best resource for a family caregiver is another family caregiver. When we connect with another who gets it, we receive the best kind of support -- understanding, compassionate and caring.

We also believe that a personal caregiving experience provides the best kind of foundation for professional transformation. Whether you want to give back to family caregivers as a volunteer or truly serve family caregivers through your own business, we can provide the training that builds on your personal caregiving experience.

Because you've made a significant difference for your caree, we know you can make a significant difference in your community helping family caregivers. We're honored you are considering our training programs so that you can be the best resource possible.

Denise M. Brown, founder of The Caregiving Years Training Academy, develops our training programs based on her thirty years of experience with family caregivers. Denise spent 23 years actively participating on online caregiving support groups and chats; that commitment to listening and understanding the caregiving experience informs the training programs she created. Watch Denise share about her personal caregiving experience in a video recorded for the American Cancer Society. (Scroll down to “Caregiver Stories.”)

Convenient, Virtual Training

For your convenience, each training program can be completed virtually. In addition, after completely your training program, you remain connected to our community so you receive support as you go out to make your difference. Meet our Certified Caregiving Consultants and Educators.

Our first training programs, the Certified Caregiving Consultant and Educator programs, launched in 2016. In 2018, we added the Certified Caregiving Advocate, Facilitator and Specialist programs. We strive to create training programs that reflect the current reality of caregiving which means we update our training content regularly.

Choose the option, below, which best reflects your situation.

Choose Based on Budget

My Budget is Less Than $500

Check out our budget-friendly options that help you make a difference, lead a support group and start a virtual business. Programs begin at $27.

My Budget is More Than $3,000

Check out options that help you add consulting and educating services to your organization or small business. You also can use our planning tools and assessments. Programs begin at $2,997.


Choose Based on Knowledge You'd Like to Gain

I'm New to Understanding the Caregiving Experience

Check out our courses that help you gain insights into the caregiving experience.

I'm Ready to Enhance My Knowledge

Check out our programs that help you add caregiving consulting and educating services to your organization.

We'd love for you to enroll in the program that's right for you. You also can view our calendar of upcoming CCC, CCE, CCF and CCS training dates.

Our Caregiving Training Programs Overview also can help you choose which program is right for you. Denise M. Brown also recorded an overview and interactive discussion of our various training programs for family caregivers and former family caregivers. (Learn more about Denise’s perspective by watching our archive, How Will We Care?)

Please feel free to also reach out to Denise to talk out which option is right for you. You can call her at 773-343-6341 or send her an email to

4 thoughts on “You are the Expert Family Caregivers Need”

  1. Hi, is your certification associated with a government agency?
    Does it qualify for college credits?
    What are the benefits for obtaining a certificate?
    Thanks for all you do yo help caregivers.

    1. Denise Brown

      Hi Samanta,

      Thanks for your questions!

      1. We are not affiliated with a government agency.
      2. We offer CEUs for professionals, including nurses, Certified Dementia Practitioners and Certified Senior Advisors. We are not approved to provide college credits.
      3. I’ve done the hard work which is a huge benefit for the training program. I’ve been listening to family caregivers every day for 30 years and collecting data about their experiences since 1995. I also completed life coach training in 2004. I combine what I learned from family caregivers with what I learned from my coach training into the Certified Caregiving Consultant training. (I also have been helping my parents since 2004 which helps me with another level of understanding.) I teach insights and perspectives about the stages of caregiving, which I developed in 1997 and continually update, a family caregiver’s burn-out, and how to help a family caregiver who may be slow to accept help. I teach the successful strategies that I know help family caregivers because I’ve been using them myself. In addition, you receive tools and techniques that help you immediately start serving family caregivers after completing our training. Our credentials (CCC) assure family caregivers that they are connecting with a professional who has invested in providing the best services and resources possible. I also create opportunities for CCCs to present at events and get involved in advocacy work. Finally, our community of CCCs is awesome — we are supportive, collaborative and helpful. Starting a small business can be a lonely experience; with our CCC Community, you’re in good company.

      If you’d like to talk out how the training program can help you specific goals, please feel free to schedule time to talk with me. You can schedule time via my calendar:

  2. Hello Denise,
    Do you offer a certificate of completion? I do not have a CEU. I appreciate your time and help.
    Thank you,

    Veronica Castro

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