Become a Certified Caregiving Guide


As a Certified Caregiving Guide, you help family caregivers find their way.

You become the resource your community needs.

Because a caregiving experience is so demanding and complicated, we can feel lost.

We need a guide to help us find our way.

As a Certified Caregiving Guide, you empower family caregivers with skills, tools and knowledge.

You teach family caregivers how to manage their experiences by delivering The Caregiving Years, Navigating the Caregiving Stages and Systems, our evidence-based proprietary program.

This training program is for anyone who wants to help, support and educate family caregivers including life coaches, social workers, Community Health Workers, peer support specialists and other professionals who support family caregivers. Individuals who complete this training may own their own small business, work for a community-based organization, facilitate a support group or Employee Resources Group or simply want to volunteer to be a resource for fellow family caregivers.

You can present this workshop to your support group members, colleagues, clients and community. You can offer and share the workshop insights:

  • at your library
  • in your home
  • at your friend's home
  • at your house of workshop
  • in your facility
  • in your office
  • through Zoom meetings
  • via your YouTube channel and
  • via your social media channels, including TikTok.

More than 25 Years of Insights

Denise M. Brown initially developed The Six Caregiving Stages concept in 1997; she continues to revise the concept to ensure its relevance today. In 2023, she added insights about system navigation to the concept because working through The 17 Caregiving Systems can drain, aggravate and overwhelm family caregivers.

Through our Caregiving Guide training program, you gain insights into the personal caregiving experience through our Master Classes and learn how to effectively deliver workshops which arm family caregivers with a knowledge base to manage The Six Caregiving Stages and navigate The 17 Caregiving Systems. Most important, you will be able to offer four versions of The Caregiving Years presentation: as a one-hour program, as a two-hour program, as three-session workshop or as a six-week educational event.

Your insights about the caregiving experience and your workshop about the caregiving stages and systems ensures you create an experience that enlightens, informs and transforms.

Your Investment

We use the Pay What You Want model for this training. We do ask that you pay something because a commitment of time and money ensures you complete the program. We suggest a price of $497.

Interested in offering this training to your team? Reach out to Denise for details on volume discounts.

Enroll via the widget at the bottom of the page.

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Bundle the Guide and Systems Navigator Training for Greater Insights

Add our Systems Navigator training to our Guide training! We suggest a price of $697 for both programs. We use the Pay What You Want pricing model; you can change the price to meet your budget.

As a Certified Caregiving Systems Navigator, you help families find the resources, services and support they need as they manage the care of another. You connect families to resources.

You'll also receive our Caregiving Advocate training.

Enroll in our Caregiving Guide and Systems Navigator courses. After clicking the link, click the "Buy Now" button, add your pricing and then click "Buy Now" to complete your payment.

Evidence-Based Program

Attendees to The Caregiving Years, Navigating the Six Caregiving Stages presentation all showed improvement in their ability to cope and in how they see their future. The improvement happened even to attendees already connected to resources, like ongoing support group meetings.

Our research shows that as a result of completing training on the six caregiving stages, family caregivers:

  • Understand their caregiving emotions are normal
  • Feel empowered to continue in their caregiving roles
  • Feel connected to answers about their caregiving questions
  • Can begin to plan for their future
  • Can begin to prepare for what may come next during their caregiving experience
  • Can implement coping strategies during times of stress.

The Net Promoter Scores for Denise's workshops reflect her ability to speak to family caregivers about the complicated, stressful caregiving experience:

  • Net Promoter Score for The Six Caregiving Stages two-hour workshop: 81.40

The Six Caregiving Stages has been shared and presented across the world, including in Qatar, India, Israel, Trinidad, Canada and New Zealand.

A Healing Experience

When family caregivers learn about The Six Caregiving Stages, they feel understood.

"For the first time I could actually see and understand the entire caregiving journey," a family caregiver said about the concept. "The other big takeaway is that everything I went (and am still going through) is all normal! That is powerful insight. I also learned not to be so afraid of my caree dying. I'm looking at it now from a different perspective. It is comforting."

When they learn about The 17 Caregiving Systems, they feel vindicated. A family caregiver recently shared that she's using this concept in a letter to an insurance provider to explain how much she and her caree endure.

These are the healing experiences you will create as a Caregiving Guide.

The Caregiving Years CCG

Caregiving Guide Training Program Details

The Caregiving Guide training program includes:

  • 9 hours of on-demand videos (our Caregiving Master Classes)
  • Three books written by Denise
    • The Caregiving Years: Your Guide to Navigating the Six Caregiving Stages
    • Healing Words, Soothing Strategies for Your Caregiving Fatigues
    • After Caregiving Ends, A Guide to Beginning Again
  • Volume discounts on Denise's books for your attendees
  • PowerPoint slides you can personalize and use for your workshops
  • Our tools, the Caregiving Wheels, which help you spark discussions
  • 6 hours of live training. Our live training happens over two Mondays -- the third and fourth Monday for three hours beginning at 2 p.m. ET (1 p.m. CT, 11 a.m. PT). Check our training dates calendar.
  • Your own group for family caregivers in your community through Caring Our Way
  • Opportunities to contribute to The 17 Caregiving Systems Project
  • Ongoing content to ensure your workshops and social media presence provide fresh, timely information
  • A private group for and quarterly meetings with our Guides to connect, share and support.

In addition, your certification provides a license to deliver The Caregiving Years presentation program. You renew your certification every two years.

After enrolling, you'll receive immediate access to the Caregiving Master Classes. After completing the Master Classes, you'll join a live six-hour training.

You can access our course through our website and through our community, Caring Our Way. You'll schedule your live training dates through Caring Our Way. (Your course includes instructions on how to join Caring Our Way and schedule your live training.)

The Caregiving Wheels

Each stage includes a Caregiving Wheel; the three Wheels for the first three stages are below. We also have a Steady and Stumble Wheel. Our newest Wheels help with system navigation.

Caregiving Master Classes

The Art of Listening

To listen is to teach. We'll help you hone your listening skills so you can hear your audience in order to meet their needs.

The Caregiving Fatigues

You’ll identify which fatigue family caregivers may be experiencing and learn how you can help them feel better.

The 17 Caregiving Systems

Learn about the 17 systems and how family caregivers often navigate multiple systems at once.

Grieving After Caregiving

We’ll offer ideas on how you can support grieving former family caregivers as they begin again.

The Six Caregiving Stages

Denise walks you through the concept so you understand the details and nuances of each stage.

Resilience During Caregiving

We take a closer look at what drains us during our caregiving experience and discuss ways to find and keep our energy.

The Family Caregiver's House of Cards

We’ll talk about ways you can support family caregivers so they can receive help and support without jeopardizing their house of cards.

Live Training

After completing your Master Classes and their exams, you'll join Denise for six hours of live, virtual training. You can choose when you join the virtual training, which we hold on the third and fourth Monday for three hours beginning at 2 p.m. ET (1 p.m. CT, 11 a.m. PT).

Our next live training dates happen in May.

Live Training Agenda

During our live training, we'll discuss:

  • Myths about self-care during a personal caregiving experience
  • The Nine Challenging Behaviors
    • Talker
    • Take-Over
    • Tough One
    • Spotlight
    • Quiet One
    • Ego
    • Dysfunction
    • “It Won’t Work”
    • Distressing Stage Combinations
  • Practice Managing the Behaviors
  • Three-Prong Communication Strategy
  • Listening Exercise
  • Meeting the Three Expectations of Your Audience
  • Organizing Your Workshop
    • One-hour overview
    • Two, three-hour workshops
    • Three, two-hour workshops
    • Six, one-hour workshops
  • Creating an Experience for Your Attendees
  • Mini Workshop Practice
  • Instructions on How to Host Your Own 30-Minute Workshop (a certification requirement)

Earn 16 CEUs

We've been approved to provide 16 continuing education hours for the list of professionals, below. Continuing education hours are provided by the Continuing Education Institute of Illinois.

We also are approved to provide CEUs for health care professionals throughout the United States. You can check the map created by our CEU provider, Continuing Education Institute of Illinois, to see if we can provide CEUs for your profession in your state. (Scroll down the page to see the map.) Don't see your profession on the map? Send Denise an email and she'll check with our CEU provider about offering CEUs to you.

  • Certified Dementia Practitioner®
    We can provide 16 continuing education credit for Certified Dementia Practitioners®​ in all 50 states.
  • Certified Senior Advisor®
    We can provide 16 continuing education credit for Certified Senior Advisors®​ in all 50 states.
  • Nurses
    We can provide 16 continuing education credit for nurses​ in all 50 states.
  • SHRM Professional Development Credits
    This program is valid for 16 PDCs for the SHRM-CPSM or SHRM-SCPSM in all 50 states.
  • Professional Coaches
    Professional coaches can earn 16 hours for resource development in all 50 states.

We can provide CEUs for the following Illinois professions:

  • Counselor-Professional/Clinical
  • Dental Hygienist
  • Dietitian/Nutritionist
  • Marriage and Family Counselor
  • Nursing Home Administrator
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Physician
  • Psychologist
  • Physical Therapist
  • Respiratory Therapist
  • Social Worker

We also can provide CEUs for social workers in Indiana, Iowa and Wisconsin.

Certification Requirements

You become a Certified Caregiving Guide when you:

  • Complete the Master Classes and their exams
  • Join six hours of live training
  • Host your own 30-minute workshop, The Caregiving Years, Navigating the Caregiving Stages and Systems, and submit evaluations from your attendees.

We have learned that students who quickly complete their certification requirements do best after finishing our program. We now require that students complete their certification requirements within 90 days of their training date. You complete all Master Classes and then attend a live training date. You have 90 days from that live training date to complete your certification requirements.

Students completing their requirements 91 days or after will incur a $200 penalty in order to become certified. For example, let’s say you enroll in and pay for our CCG training on May 1. You choose to take a live training on October 2 and 9. You have 90 days from October 9 to complete the certification requirements.


You renew your certification every two years. With your renewal, you maintain the license to present The Caregiving Years program. You renew when you:

  • Deliver The Caregiving Years program at least two times
  • Complete our exam
  • Pay a renewal fee that works within your budget

Enroll to Start Guiding Family Caregivers

The value of this training is $997.

Our suggested price is $497.

You can join the live training based on your availability.

After attending your six hours of live training, you have 90 days to complete your certification requirements. For instance, if you enroll on April 17, complete the live training in August (August 7 and 14), then you'll want to complete your certification requirements by November 14. You incur a $100 penalty fee if you complete your certification requirements 91 days or beyond after attending your six hours of live training.

Enroll via the widget, below.

After submitting your payment, please wait while the website automatically directs you to your course material. Once directed to your course material, you can then click through to your material and schedule your live virtual training. Please also check your email, including your Spam folder, for messages from us.

Become a Certified Caregiving Guide

Deliver the workshop that helps family caregivers find their way.

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Certified Caregiving Guide and Systems Navigator

Deliver the workshop that helps family caregivers find their way. Connect family caregivers to resources and support.

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