Certified Caregiving Consultant Training Keeps You and Your Clients in Mind

After the Diagnosis planning tool helps clients think through next steps after a family member’s diagnosis. During our live CCC training, we share what Diagnosis Day was like for us.

When I launched the Certified Caregiving Consultant (CCC) training program in 2016, I received approval to offer 8 Continuing Education Hours for professionals including nurses, Certified Dementia Practitioners and Certified Senior Advisors.

When I updated my application with my CEU provider last month, the program received approval to offer 75 Continuing Education Hours for professionals including nurses, Certified Dementia Practitioners and Certified Senior Advisors.

How do you build a program that initially offers the equivalent of 1/2 semester credit hours into a program that delivers the equivalent of 5 semester credit hours?

Over the years, I added conversational assessments, a variety of planning tools and conversation starters, including our Caregiving Wheels pictured below. I complemented The Six Caregiving Stages concept with two additional concepts: The 12 Caregiving Fatigues and The 17 Caregiving Systems. I also added educational material so that the programs grads left the program with insights that could transform their work with their clients.

Most recently, I added workshops on Financial Planning, Budgeting and Conflict Resolution Strategies.

I really paid attention to what participants experienced during the program: What challenged them? What fears do they have about launching a business? What tools do they need to generate revenue? With their perspectives in mind, I could build and add what they wanted.

I also tested tools and planning sessions with family caregivers. What did you like? What did they need? What was impactful for them? The feedback from family caregivers ensured I added what I knew family caregivers wanted from a CCC.

The personal caregiving experience is complex and complicated. We want to connect with professionals who get it. As family caregivers, the last thing we want to do is educate a professional about what it’s really like. Our CCCs have that kind of valuable understanding.

Starting a small business is an intimidating, lonely experience. We want to connect with a community who supports us while understanding how hard it can be. Our CCCs continue to connect with each other through monthly meetings we’ve hosted since 2016.

If you want to coach and support family caregivers, I’d love for you to take a look at our CCC program. We enroll participants on the first 7 days of every month. (Enrollment ends June 7 and opens again on July 1.) If you enroll today, you’ll be ready to support family caregivers through your small business in September.

Learn more and enroll.

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