Become a Certified Caregiving Educator

After completing our Certified Caregiving Consultant™ training program, you can become a Certified Caregiving Educator™.

As a Certified Caregiving Educator™, you can present our proprietary workshop, “The Caregiving Years,” as a seminar, workshop, webinar or online course. You can present for free or for a fee. You’ll also be added to our speaker’s bureau and recommended to organizations and agencies that need a speaker in your community. As a speaker in our bureau, you can present The Caregiving Years or any workshop you create.

The Certified Caregiving Educator™ training program includes four webinars you watch at your convenience and a workshop you attend virtually. You also will receive The Caregiving Years PowerPoint presentation you can personalize with your logo and company information.

During our workshop, you present a 45-minute seminar on one of the following:

  • The Caregiving Years overview,
  • two stages of the concept that you choose;
  • one stage of the concept that you choose.

We provide feedback and provide a real-life audience experience to ensure you feel comfortable and confident presenting the material. We also offer suggestions on how you can personalize The Caregiving Years program so you have a library of options to offer organizations.

In addition, as an Educator, you become a trainer for our Certified Caregiving Guides.

The Caregiving Years is an evidence-based program that delivers comforting insights and empowering perspective shifts for attendees. Attendees to The Caregiving Years presentation all showed improvement in their ability to cope and in how they see their future. The improvement happened even to attendees already connected to resources, like ongoing support group meetings.

When you deliver The Caregiving Years five times within your first year as a CCE, you can add additional presentations to your offering including Resolving Caregiving Conflicts, Building H.O.P.E., a resiliency training program, and The Manager’s Toolbox for Managing a Complex Workplace.

Check our Training Dates Calendar for the next training dates to become an Educator.