Caregiving Partners

We love to work with caregiving partners that can create opportunities for our training program grads, including our Certified Caregiving Consultants and Comfort Care Family Coaches.

Currently partnerships include:

Consumer Solutions Start-up: Our CCCs will lead our pilot program with a consumer solutions start-up providing caregiving support. We’ll share the announcement when we release it.

LiveMore app: Three of our Certified Caregiving Consultants will provide one-on-one coaching sessions for employees and webinars for employers.

Training: Two of our CCCs (Barbara Corley and Diane Glittenberg) developed our training programs for direct care workers.

We’ll update our page as our partnerships expand. Interested in partnering with us? Send Denise an email. We would love to add Caregiving Coaches and Support to your workplace, product or association.

(Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay.)