On August 18, Carely announced the acquisition of and included a mention of Denise Brown, the founder of

Denise’s statement about the announcement and press release is as follows:

“I was so proud to debut and host the online community at between 1996 and 2020. I sold on March 10, 2020, to Ohio’s Hospice. My last day affiliated with was May 6, 2020.

“I’m thrilled to be focused on my new entity, The Caregiving Years Training Academy, and so excited to welcome new participants in our training programs. A personal caregiving experience can be trying and challenging. It also can launch new work in the world. I’m honored to help family caregivers and former family caregivers transform their personal caregiving experiences into meaningful, profound work that helps others.”

To request an interview with Denise, please write her at or call her at 773-343-6341.