Caregiving Coaching with Denise

Connect with Denise for caregiving coaching to receive support, understanding and strategies.

Do you worry so much that you don’t think you’ll ever get a break from it?

It seems like it happened over night: A family member needs your help and care. And, over night, you have so much to do, so much to decide, so much to organize.

Caregiving can be absolutely overwhelming.

Coaching helps you manage your caregiving responsibilities and be true to who you are. Denise M. Brown, Founder of The Caregiving Years Training Academy, offers both individual and group coaching. Denise began supporting family caregivers in 1990, launched one of the first online caregiving communities in 1996 and began helping her parents in 2004 after her father’s bladder cancer diagnosis. Learn more about Denise.

With Denise as your coach, you can:

  • Find a perspective that helps you feel better;
  • Define your caregiving personality and your caregiving role;
  • Develop your caregiving mission statement;
  • Create your own self-care plan, including regular exercise and time away from caregiving;
  • Determine which caregiving responsibilities can be delegated and to whom;
  • Learn effective communication techniques to use with your caree, your family members and with health care professionals;
  • Gain coping techniques for the overwhelming caregiving emotions;
  • Overcome challenging family conflicts;
  • Enhance your time management skills;
  • Face and manage difficult decisions;
  • Navigate through the changing face of caregiving;
  • Successfully transition, when your role ends, into your life’s next phase.

Group coaching is perfect when you and three or four friends are on the same page as to your caregiving situations but you’re also stuck on that page. And, all of you would love to turn the page — a coach can help all of you do that.

Group coaching also helps you and other family members. As you work with family members to provide care, a coach can help all of you share the care effectively. Group coaching helps three or four individuals work toward a common goal. With Denise as your coach, you and your family members can:

  • Develop a caregiving plan that encompasses each family member’s gifts and strengths while meeting the needs of your aging relative.
  • Create communication strategies so that everyone, including the aging relative, is clear about goals and commitments.
  • Overcome communication difficulties to meet your true goal — maintaining the health and safety of your caree.
  • Manage obstacles that make caregiving difficult.
  • Pinpoint a goal that helps you face unsettling decisions.
  • Strengthen the team so that caregiving strategies work effectively.
  • Move past previous problems that hinder effective caregiving.

Denise works with clients who are family caregivers through 30-minute phone calls which can be scheduled weekly or as needed. A professionally trained coach credentialed by the International Coach Federation, Denise has more than twenty-five years of experience working with family caregivers and older adults.

Coaching makes a great gift! If you are worried about a family member (your sister, your mom, your dad) who is the primary family caregiver, consider purchasing the gift of coaching.

Each 30-minute coaching session with Denise costs $60.

You can schedule a complementary session to learn if coaching is right for you.

Ready to start? Schedule your first session with Denise and submit your payment.

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