Care and Share, Moveable (and Moving) Support Groups

Care and Share is a moveable caregiving support group that meets you where you are and moves you to a better place. With Care and Share, we meet you where you are in your personal caregiving experience and in your available personal space.

We know the challenges of trying to attend a support group in your community. We also know how valuable it can be to connect with others who understand.

So, we come to you.

Through Care and Share, we connect with you and your friends to support you as you care for a family member with a disability, disease or illness. We can create a Care and Share in your home, at your office during lunch, in your workplace or in a quiet corner of your favorite restaurant. Don't have a physical space? We'll connect to you and your friends virtually.

A Certified Caregiving Consultant™ will lead a discussion about your caregiving experience, creating a supportive and trusted space for discussions about the reality of a caregiving day.

Five steps to schedule a Care and Share:

    1. Invite at least one friend, colleague or family member. Your invite can look like this: "I'm caring for my (insert relationship like parent, grandparent, sibling, child) and am feeling the stress of it. I'd love to figure out a way to feel better. I'm hosting a Care and Share (insert location like virtually or in my home) and would love for you to join me! Let's connect to feel better. A Certified Caregiving Consultant™, who has cared for family member and gets it, will host our 60-minute Care and Share. Reply to this message if you're interested and then we'll coordinate our schedules." You can use the flyer, below, to promote on social media. When you share on social media, ask those interested to reach out to you to organize a day, time and location.
    2. Find a day and time that works for you and your fellow Care and Share attendees.
    3. Organize a space, like your living room, a conference room at your office, a room at your house of worship, a quiet corner of a restaurant. If you prefer, we can create a space virtually. A good space provides a comfy spot for your attendees.
    4. Schedule your Care and Share with a Certified Caregiving Consultant™, below. Send out reminders to your attendees a week and a day before your Care and Share.
    5. Ask fellow attendees to bring snacks and drinks if you will meet in person.

What you get:

    • A Certified Caregiving Consultant™ who's cared for a family member and knows how to effectively support those who care.
    • 60-minutes to share, vent, laugh, cry and connect.
    • Meaningful conversations about a challenging experience.
    • Solutions and insights that give you peace of mind.
    • After-Care follow-up: Free 30-minute one-on-one consultations with your consultant for each Care and Share attendee (additional time available for purchase).

To schedule yours, send an email to Denise ( with your request. Denise will match you with a Consultant.