Book Denise for Your Next Caregiving Conference or Event

Looking for an engaging, insightful presenter for your next conference or event? Denise M. Brown, founder of The Caregiving Years Training Academy, offers several workshops that support your clients, customers and employees in a caregiving experience.

Her workshops include:

Building H.O.P.E., a Resiliency Program
Building H.O.P.E. helps anyone who serves others heal from compassion fatigue to build their resiliency. We believe compassion fatigue is an umbrella term for all that we tire of. Our resiliency program features eight modules which can be delivered as part of a day-long program or as stand-alone 50-minute workshops. Each module takes a closer look at what makes us weary and provides tools to help us feel better. Learn more.

The Caregiving Years, Six Stages to a Meaningful Journey (two hours)
A caregiving journey poses so many tough questions. When caregiving begins, you may wonder, Why me? Why now? What now? As caregiving continues, you may wonder, Am I the only one who feels this way? We’ll break out a caregiving experience into six stages to help you plan, prepare and take comfort in knowing you’re in good company. We all experience the tough and difficult caregiving emotions. The insights into the stages and emotions of your experience will offer guidance so that you can find your own answers.

Create Your Daily Healing Plan (one hour)
A significant loss is overwhelming. But it’s not just one loss for which we grieve. A friend can’t understand our grief so we lose the friendship. We face a future which isn’t the future for which we plan so we grieve the loss of our expected tomorrows. We worked hard to be considered for an opportunity which goes to another so we grieve the loss of a chance. Our workplace wants us to show up with a smile so we encounter the extra pressure of putting on our public face while we privately grieve. And then the dishwasher breaks, the car won’t start and the ceiling starts leaking. We’re doing our best to cope and then it seems we can’t get a break so must cope with more and more and more. How do you manage the daily losses when your heart already breaks because of your huge loss? Join us to create a plan that helps you finding healing every day.

Healing Our Caregiving Hurts (one hour)
Caregiving hurts. People disappoint, situations cause pain, the declines break your heart. The hurt can break us into pieces and cause us to question whether we’ll never become whole again. In this interactive session, we’ll help you put your pieces back together so you feel whole again.

Resilience During Caregiving (one hour)
Resilience is energy; we need to take care of that energy in order to bounce back from our challenging circumstances. During a personal caregiving experience, we may not have that kind of energy because the demands of our day exhaust us. In this workshop, we take a closer look at what drains us during our caregiving experience and discuss ways to find and keep our energy.

Building Your Strong Caregiving Foundation (one hour)
You bring your past into your present caregiving experience. That past can be used to build a strong foundation that can help you cope and manage a caregiving experience. You also can use insights about that past to create better support for you today. In this workshop, we’ll bring today your past and present to create support that helps today and tomorrow.


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Denise began presenting about the caregiving experience in 1999 and has delivered presentations at caregiving conferences, patient advocacy seminars, employer lunch and learn programs and virtual events. Learn more about Denise. To discuss your needs for your program, please reach out to Denise via email ( or phone (773-343-6341).