How Will I Stay on Time?

Last week, we took a Soul Break from the pressure of catching up. Rather than feeling like we’re behind, we reflected on how far we’ve come.

I ended our Soul Break with this statement and question:

You are right on time for what’s next in your life. What is next for you?

Let’s take inspiration from that question to create a question that motivates us this week: “How will I stay on time?”

Our question is about staying on time in our life rather than feeling the pressure of the clock during our day. We can stay on time in our life by:

  • Saying yes to opportunities
  • Taking that next step that our wisdom readies us to take
  • Stepping fully into who we have become
  • Letting go of thoughts and habits which no longer serve us

Let’s stay on time with our life right now.

How will you stay on time for your right-now life?

(Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay.)

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