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The need is great for services and programs to help those who care for a family member or friend (family caregivers). You already know. That great need led you to us. You want to make a difference. You want to be the difference. Our training programs help you be the difference.

We want you to bloom into the leader in your community who supports and serves family caregivers and former family caregivers. We offer a variety of training programs to meet your needs and your budget.

Family Caregivers Want Help

According to recent research from Age of Majority:

  • Eight in 10 (80%) family caregivers are interested in paying for products or services to help them manage

But They Don't Know Where to Turn

According to recent research from Age of Majority:

  • Almost nine in 10 (87.9%) cannot identify any companies that stand out in helping them as caregivers.

"I love everything I’ve learned from you. The most well rounded, information-rich classes I’ve taken. $$$ well spent."
~ a training program participant

Impactful Coaching and Consulting Services

We arm our caregiving coaching program graduates with:

Meaningful Tools  | Insightful Concepts
Conversational Assessments
Strategic Planning | Comforting Support

in order to help and serve family caregivers, former family caregivers, direct care workers and the workplace.

Content That Speaks to Family Caregivers

Denise M. Brown develops concepts, including The Six Caregiving Stages, The 12 Caregiving Fatigues and The 17 Caregiving Systems, which both explain the complexity of a personal caregiving situation and inspire interventions to better support family caregivers. 

The Net Promoter Scores for her workshops reflect her ability to speak to family caregivers about the complicated, stressful caregiving experience:

  • Net Promoter Score for The Six Caregiving Stages two-hour workshop: 81.40
  • Net Promoter Score for The 17 Caregiving Systems two-hour workshop: 75

The creators of the NPS metric, Bain & Company, say that although an NPS score above 0 is good, above 20 is great and above 50 is amazing. Anywhere above 80 is the top percentile. 

The concepts form the basis of her caregiving training programs.

In the News: The Binti Circle and Working Family Caregivers

By Denise Brown | May 24, 2024
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FSA Dollars for Caregiving Support Services

By Denise Brown | May 22, 2024
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Through our partnership with Truemed, you may be eligible to use your HSA or FSA dollars for Caregiving Support Services that help you manage your […]

Family Caregiver Consumers Are Everywhere

By Denise Brown | May 19, 2024
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of our event attendees are strong advocates of our programs
of attendees to our Family Emergency Planning sessions are strong advocates
of Caregiving Consultants said our program increased their comfort level in supporting family caregivers through a difficult time

Plan With Us

We offer free monthly planning sessions to help you to create caregiving plans. We’ll help you manage after a family member’s diagnosis, work through your worries, create strategies to receive a break and consider options for hiring a family member.

Explore Our Budget-Friendly Training Programs

Our budget-friendly programs help you make a difference, become a Listening Artist, lead a support group and start a virtual business assisting family caregivers with their tasks.

Coach Family Caregivers and Former Family Caregivers

Be the difference that family caregivers need; help them manage decisions, create strategies and minimize stress. Add coaching and consulting service to your small business or organization.

Supportive Resources

We offer regular events, like Our Beginning Again Retreat and The Caring Conference, to connect you to understanding support, free guides like our Workbook for Your Workplace Resilience and free tools like our Daily Healing Plan. We offer help during and after your caregiving experience.

Learn About All Our Training Programs

You want to make a difference. You want to be the difference. Our training programs help you be the difference. Learn about all our options to enroll in the program that's right for you. 

Gain Caregiving Knowledge

The caregiving experience can last decades, impacts every aspect of an individual’s life and can disrupt a career and a family. Our courses provide insights to better understand the experience.

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